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This is my second game ever in as many weeks. I was really grateful for the feedback I received last week and felt like I should give something else a shot. The goal for this week was to not spend as much time on the game and spend more time learning the why's? There were some cons to this plan however. My game is very bare and has no images. I only had time to learn the scripting with Unity tutorials  and found the font on 1001 free fonts. This project has been very helpful in learning new aspects of C# scripting that I didn't know before such as scriptable objects and going outside the MonoBehavior base class. I'm someone that likes to learn a lot, but doesn't always do it effectively and I feel like I really focused in on my scripting this time. I hope you like my game and I am sorry once again there isn't more of it, but I didn't have the time. 

My hope is to keep the architecture of this project to build a bigger 'choose you own adventure' text game that contains animation and sound design such as creaking doors and footsteps, and maybe some interactive music. I wrote the music again though and am very pleased with the outcome. Although I am dying to use FMOD with one of my projects I haven't had time lately and will get around to it soon. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the game and concept. 


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Music felt so mellow and chill, but then you're reading and you're like 'oh right people were murdered', which you can kinda feel in the text font. A middle ground with the script and visuals would be nice. 

I really do love the track though. With appropriate sound effects this all could have tied in well. The tracks give me the same feelings the calmer moments of oxenfree had. 

I wanna just like leave the game running. Music so nice. 

thanks for the compliment on the music. I would love to add more story and visuals to it in the future. I was thinking a stripped back story board style of illustration.