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Week 90 Game Jam | Radioactivity

This was my first game jam. Not the last, but probably the worst.

I'm really glad I got a chance to work on this game jam and see all the great work people do for the love of it. I am a sound designer by trade, but wanted to try making a level. The ironic thing is, I spent 80% on the level and had no time to design any sound. The song that loops through the level is an original from myself and had heaps of fun making it. I referenced something I heard from Hotline Miami and I am pretty happy with it. I think half of my time was spent learning scripts that go well with this type of game, for example, when my player had to turn around and run in the opposite direction I needed a script for that. Also when I needed to change states in my animation...Script. Pretty much everything I needed to do needed a script. 

The Parallaxing background is something I learnt from Brackeys YouTube channel and the art work from The rest of the art assets were from Unity asset store and I got some help from the playground package for things like killing the green one eyed monsters and jumping. I know the playground package is geared towards kids but I thought since this was my first go at a game jam I would use it this once. For everything I had to learn, I put it down to just hard googling and looking into forums where other people had found an answer. 

I'm really happy with my first go and I hope you all get a chance to play it even though it is pretty bad and doesn't have an ending state. Please give your feedback to me and please be critical. Here are some of the assets I used that weren't mine down below. If I missed something I'm sorry. 

- Scripts from the Unity tutorial  page

- Green Monster -

- Too Cube Forest - Memo MK2

- Ninja Sprite Sheet (Free)

- Unity Particle Effects

- 2d Mega Pack - Brackeys

I hope I can do a few more game jams on my own in the future and get better at the basic stuff. I would really like to be on a team as an audio guy, but I would rather get this game dev stuff out of my system first. For the next Jam I will scope it down a little and just do something simple. Thanks.

Development log


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 90 | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks for the feedback and review. I wish I had of seen this before making my detective text adventure in Game Jam 91, but I think from now on I'll stick to platformers and try to get better at that. I did enjoy making the game and will be posting more in future jams. 

Hey, no problem. Let me know if you make more platformers and I'll be happy to check them out. Glad you're still jamming. Keep it up!

it's a good start; keep going

thank you Neilisson. 


Good game the only problem of this game is that it doesn't have a finish line at the end you just fall...but overall it is good game that if it had a little more time it could had been better. :) 


thanks for the feedback. That is something on my list to learn. I may update that after the voting ends or do it in my next game. 


Like mushguys said, I think the jumping is too floaty. You take a long time to come down, and if you hold the movement keys while in the air you actually end up going faster than when you're on the ground. There's a tutorial I used the in the past for this kind of thing here:

There's also some issues with the animations -- the run loop seems to stutter a bit, and if you hold the sword swing/sword thrust keys while moving it keeps going between the walk and swing animations.

I dig the background music, though. Would have been nice if you'd had time to make your own sound effects as well. Maybe for another jam you could make the audio tie in with the main game mechanic in some way?

yeah it was a shame I couldn't do more with audio I will make more time for it in my next Jam. I really appreciate the advice about the game mechanics, I'll check out the video you linked and do some more learning into sprite animation. Also glad you liked the music. :)


Pretty good demo. I feel like the Ninja's movement physics is too light and airy, and there isn't enough to do yet.

thanks for the feedback. I'll add some more gameplay and better physics  soon.  I over scoped on a lot of things for my first time. 

This game have no ending. I am just falling down :(

I'm definitely going to learn how to make an end state when I do my next Jam. Thanks for playing. 

Okay, no problem. Which software you using for creating games? I am using gamemaker studio 2. Thanks ;)